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Our Green Initiative


Sun Diego Charter is committed to doing its part to help our environment and make a difference. That is why we invest and maintain one of the “greenest” fleets in San Diego. Most of our coaches feature clean burning Detroit Diesel engines that are environmentally sound and fully meet the EPA emission requirements. Even our on-site fueling station is green, utilizing a bio-diesel fuel blend. With numerous other technologies and initiatives in place, Sun Diego Charter Company is working to protect our environment for future generations. We know you have a number of different companies to choose from, but we hope that you will choose to go green with Sun Diego Charter Company, San Diego’s green transportation leader. One of our coaches can replace up to 81 cars on our road ways. So, climb on board and do your part to help our environment!

  • Sun Diego Charter Co. has an on-site fueling station that utilizes a 5% bio-diesel fuel blend. The use of bio-diesel results in a substantial reduction of emissions compared to emissions from regular diesel fuel.
  • The majority of Sun Diego Charter Co.’s fleet already meets the stringent state air quality standards, developed by the California Air Resources Board and which are not slated to go into effect until 2013.
  • Sun Diego Charter Co. motor coach drivers are prohibited from idling engines for longer than 5 minutes. Unnecessary engine idling wastes fuel and creates senseless pollution.
  • Sun Diego Charter Co. recycles its motor oil, antifreeze, tires and batteries.
  • All charters have recycling bags on board to separate the recyclable items from non-recyclable trash.

We didn’t stop there! Sun Diego Charter’s “Green” Committee has implemented several initiatives for our office that help make Sun Diego Charter the “Green” Transportation Leader in San Diego. Here are a few of the things we practice on a daily basis:

  • We go paperless when possible…emailing confirmations and invoices and printing only when necessary.
  • Our office staff follows a strict recycling program that includes everything from paper to toner.
  • We only use “eco-friendly” cleaning products down to our toilet chemicals!
  • One of our coaches can replace up to 55 cars on our road ways. So, climb on board and do your part to help our environment!
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